Reviews Bioretin

  • Alena
    Age I have a young and wrinkle was quite a lot. There is a problem with the endocrine system, maybe it would trigger a worsening appearance of the skin. A friend of mine gave me a cream-mask bioretin. At first I was offended, I kind of implied, that doesn't look very good, but when it has changed my skin, I was very grateful. Now I do not advise bioretin.
  • Jaroslav
    Bought this cream for my wife, the result is very noticeable. Age takes its toll, for me personally it wrinkles don't hurt, but because he is going through, I couldn't. All kinds of injections for his condition, so he asked the daughter to find in the Internet the best option of the available resources. Efficiency surprised even me – the wife looked younger by 10 years for sure!
  • Kateřina
    My skin is now a second youth. After the stress I had began to resemble a more old women than young women. Money on expensive procedures, injections, and braces I have. I've read forum cream bioretin and decided to try it, I Thought, nothing to lose, and I was right – I lost nothing and got a radiant, smooth, even skin!
  • Lenka
    Always went to one master in a beauty salon, but when it was necessary to do a peeling, and my technician left, because what do I have to enroll in another salon. After inspection, the master said, that is not peeling and other treatments offered to me, my cosmetologist, I don't need. The skin is fine, she just needs a little care. Then he advised cream bioretin. Decided to check her words, and suddenly the truth I'm just a waste of money. And the beautician was right – after two weeks of using the lotion my face was lifted, and wrinkles less pronounced.
  • Tomáš
    My mother has had a hard life, and I wanted to give him something that will remind her that she is a woman. I bought a big bouquet of flowers, your favorite perfume and cream bioretinI have advised friends. A couple of weeks again I came to visit and surprised, because my mother looked quite different. The cream is very well in line with the skin, the face was smooth, and the oval is significantly reduced.
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